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Accent Reduction – Connecticut

Many people feel there is nothing more personal about him or herself than the voice.  The accent you carry with you, ties you to hometown or homeland.  However, for many professionals who have come to the United States from another country, not being understood or not being able to blend in can be a source of great frustration. In some cases professionals feel that their accent is holding them back from professional opportunities.  Voice and speech work, specifically using American Standard accent, was an integral part of Mariah’s graduate work at Brown University.  In your first accent reduction session, Mariah will analyze your natural way of speaking and immediately begin to train you with a custom program.  Together you will work to reduce your accent using a variety of techniques including listening, repeating, and breaking down how to use your articulators (lips,teeth and tongue) differently to get the results you seek.  Mariah teaches a way of speaking that is free of accent or regionalisms making it effortless to understand each word.  Whether your accent is subtle or heavy due to roots from Boston to Romania to Mumbai, Mariah will utilize a variety of methods that will help you create immediate results.

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“As a business professional who grew up in Europe, closing the gap to the standard American accent gives me confidence in my processional and personal interactions. Mariah’s careful and patient coaching helped me identify the specific sounds I had issues with and helped me correct them. Apart from a great coach Mariah is very open and flexible and a pleasure to work with. I did recommend Mariah to my friends.”

Adrian Horotan, Business Professional

“Your individual coaching of the students was so wonderful; you asked them excellent questions that really made them think, gave sensitive feedback, and had some wonderful techniques for drawing them out further. I learned quite a bit just by watching you!   The judges told me that they thought it was our best competition yet.”

Sandy Soson, Wilton High School

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