Monologue Services

Need a new monologue?

As an actor, one of the most critical pieces that stands between you and getting cast is the material you choose to audition with.  When the audition calls for a monologue or two contrasting monologues or a Shakespeare monologue in verse, do you know what they’re really looking for?  How can you find the right material from published plays that will win you the role?

There’s nothing worse than hearing the person before you audition with the same overdone monologue you plan to use.

Ensure the monologue you walk it with is new, fresh, effective and a great fit for you.

With Present & Perform’s new monologue subscription service, you can be confident and prepared to make an impact.

How the Monologue Subscription works:

  1. Provide a recent photo and a short description of yourself.
  2. Mariah will email you a fabulous monologue from a published play that is a perfect fit for you once every quarter. 
  3. By the end of the year, you’ll have 4 new contrasting monologues for your audition arsenal.

You may also choose to add on an hour of in-person monologue coaching to work on one or all of these monologues with Mariah in her New Haven, Connecticut studio or via Skype.

Get a new monologue selected specially for you by Present & Perform.


4 Monologue Package: Once per Quarter: $40/Quarter

4 Monologue Package + 4 Hours of Coaching: $140/Quarter
(1 Monologue & 1 Hour of Coaching Per Quarter)

1 Monologue within 48 Hours: “I Need it Now!” $75